BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Touch Screen With QWERTY Keyboard

Was the virtual onscreen boards were not your cup of tea? Do not worry, you are not a loner with such a problem as you mull out in the mind on this issue. The repeated corrections you have made in the important message to your terror boss and the way you lost your composure and all that stuff.

It was a universal problem; you may be yearning for a superb touch screen display with a standalone manual QWERTY keyboard that fits in a single device. As a cue to the stimulus from the customers, Research In Motion (RIM) came out with their BlackBerry Torch 9800, a touchscreen smartphone.

What you predicted was quite right and it is a slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard. The touchstone for failures RIM’s BlackBerry with its touch screen combine emulated the poor performance of failed Storm, the Canadian phone maker. They were also the pioneers in introducing the first touchscreen device.

Taking the cue from their earlier debacles, RIM has come out with their modern BlackBerry device which has a cocktail of their renowned physical QWERTY keyboard and modern touchscreen technology, so that the end users get the “the best of both worlds.” RIM’s Bold 9700 may look similar to the new BlackBerry touchscreen phone.

But, as you look at it keenly, the Torch is punched with better features such as new BlackBerry 6 Operating System and a slide-up display. The reason for the crowd behind the BlackBerry Torch 9800 may harp your mind still. It is all because of classic BlackBerry’s keyboard.

With all that paraphernalia like the virtual keyboard, at the final, one will come back to the manual one due to is easiness and simplicity. Certain face-lifts to the shape. The time-tested design concepts of earlier versions of BlackBerry get its due as well as the handset’s slider glides well.

The keypads are functional giving a glee in the face of the users along with the handsets’ manual QWERTY keyboard is beyond comparison in their designs. The screen of Torch gets a fresh look as compared to the typecast BlackBerry mould and still, the look of the icons sans alien to the users. It gets a total run through in the design and gets the support of a developed BlackBerry 6 OS.

Such a typecast makes it non-messy at the same time not alien, with easy to use apps for the starters. A comparison of old to new The vital changeover were made in the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 version 6 Operating System through incorporating a hue of helpful features punched in it. The modern version 6 OS is swift and highly spontaneous.

The modern version has a new coat but not entirely different from the old. This strategy has made the BlackBerry owners using older OS versions not alien and fish out of water as the get acclimatized with the latest. The secure nature of BlackBerry devices has become a rage as the end users compare it with the other competitor’s handsets in the outlets.

When the safety and security are the punches in the BlackBerry devices, end users can be at peace and need not bog down on fear of losing their secret data. The Torch keeps the tradition of BlackBerry through retaining their time tested email delivery, which is swift and secure. The RIM’s patented keyboard as well as widely used BlackBerry Messenger was also gets its due.

One cannot forget the zero cost, unrestricted messaging features enabled to other BlackBerry Messenger users, which served as an USP from time long to Black Berry, cleverly retained in the Torch. The above-explained features were eternally the selling points of RIM’s BlackBerry devices and are suitably jelled with the latest in the BlackBerry Torch 9800.


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